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Mexican female impersonators with a Canadian connection*

The Crazy Senoritas are a troupe of female impersonators from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
For eight years, they have drawn sellout crowds of holidaying Canadians to the popular
Luna Lounge dinner shows, in nearby Bucerias. Their show features humorous musical
tributes, warped adult humour and hilarious interactions with members of the audience.

Entertainment columnist Debbie White of the Puerto Vallarta Tribune says “the girls” have
put together a very entertaining show that audiences love. The song parodies are hysterical and the costumes and skits are superb. The Crazy Senoritas show has been a “can't miss” event in the Puerto Vallarta area for years.” Editor Jeffrey Heyden-Kaye of The Ponoka News says “Those crazy senoritas sure know how to entertain a crowd”.


Admittedly, “drag shows” aren't for everyone. But these young Mexican actors have a way of winning over audiences who soon forget they are not women, but men disguised as women. Often, the people who were the most reluctant to attend are surprised at how much fun they have. And they return again and again, with relatives and friends in tow.

So why has this group of Mexican entertainers been invited to perform in towns and cities all over western Canada? It's really no mystery at all, Their winter audience is mostly western Canadians fleeing the cold and snow and they want to see the show again and again.

Besides being a treat for their many fans, bringing the popular show to town gives others in the area a chance to enjoy it, without having to travel to Mexico. Add to this the fact that tour promoter Trend Tributes is located in Calgary and it all starts to make sense. So for those who can't get enough of The Crazy Senoritas in Mexico, their western Canada tour is the cure.

During their August 2018 visit, the troupe performed 27 shows. Almost every show was a sellout and every venue invited them back. But the huge distances between towns in the western provinces took a toll on the performers and support crew, so their 2019 tour will be limited to only 22 performances. Clearly The Crazy Senoritas have made a special connection with people in western Canada. And they love performing there.

To host a The Crazy Senoritas show in your area, contact merv@trendtributes.com

For info on buying tickets, please refer to the tour schedule below.

2019 canadian Tour schedule